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What happens when your car gets a service?

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To keep your car in top condition you need to get it serviced. T-Serv has already informed you how often you should get your car serviced. Now let’s talk about what happens when your car gets a service. After getting a full car service there are a lot of changes your car goes through. A car is a machine comprised of a lot of small parts which has their own functions that help your car to run smoother and for a long time. These small changes boost your car’s functions and you ride with ease and no fear of your car breaking down in the middle of the ride.

This is what happens after general checkups 

Every part in your car is there to ensure your safety and hence headlights, indicators, horn, battery etc plays an important role too.

After the general checkup, our certified mechanics fix any technical issue they find. It may be as minor as a broken wire but fixing that becomes necessary for the car to function perfectly.

This is what happens after internal checkups 

Internal checkups include the dashboard and any faults that occur inside your car. What happens if your check engine light or oil status is faulty? You wouldn’t want that right!

T-Serv makes sure to check all these minor faults to make your ride safer and smoother.

Changes after engine inspection 

The engine is the most important part of our car and it certainly needs to be inspected periodically. The engine is the heart of the car needs regular care. If the heart fails, the body fails as well.

Our certified mechanics do a thorough check for any leaks, oil replacement and any other required action. Once the engine is repaired, it makes the functioning easier and as new as it can be.

Changes after brake examination 

Have you ever felt changes in the brakes after a long time of use? Well, that is natural! But if this lingers on for a long time, it could be dangerous.

We examine your brakes for your safety. It ensures that the braking mechanism works perfectly and avoids any harm to you or your car.

Changes after wheel and tyre inspection 

If you travel on uneven roads or travel frequently, your wheels will require maintenance along with the tyres. Your wheels and tyres face the most as they are in constant touch with the roads. The wheels are inspected for any faults which hamper your ride quality and the tyre should be replaced if the grip is lost due to regular use.

Once the repairs are completed your ride becomes safer. This should be done every few months to make sure your wheels remain balanced.     

A car is like a human body that requires regular care. Car needs fuel and we need food to keep ourselves energized. Malfunctioning of our body parts hamper our daily life, similarly if the car parts malfunction too; it becomes difficult to experience the best of your car.

Once the service is completed, the car gets the required energy to perform well. Therefore, TServ has made it easier for you to book your car service. You can download our app from our website T-Serv and book your car service near you.