Periodic Car Maintenance


Your car’s journey has a fair share of ups and downs before its entire lifespan is exhausted. No car in the industry today stops running overnight unless there is a severe accident and the car is completely smashed.

So, why give your car a tough time overnight and end its life when you can opt for periodic maintenance at regular intervals while it’s working up to the mark? 

We at Tserv offer periodic maintenance services for any car model. With our car care services, your car is guaranteed to have enhanced reliability, safety, performance, and durability.

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Why Choose Tserv for the Car Care & Car Maintenance Services?


Quality Workmanship

At Tserv, quality matters most to us. Whether it’s periodic maintenance or any other car service, we provide quality workmanship for every penny our customers invest in our services. We are determined to provide our customers with a vehicle that has a longer shelf life after they bring it to our garage for periodic maintenance. 

Genuine Spare Parts

At Tserv, we are connected with the best global automotive suppliers to provide our customers with genuine and OES spare parts like oil filters, brake pads, shock absorbers, clutch components, cables, indicators, etc. When you approach the Tserv workshop for periodic maintenance, we try to replace the damaged parts with almost all the existing parts or OEM parts that possess better value. However, we replace the parts only after you have given us your consent. 

A wide range of services

Tserv is a multi-brand car service provider, and periodic maintenance is one of those. Our full-fledged services include filter replacements, oil changes, fluid to brake repairs, struts and shocks, muffler repair, tires, and wheel alignment. We offer customised services to ensure optimum client satisfaction for our clients. Because of this, we are one of the best periodic maintenance service providers in the industry today because of the quality and satisfaction we offer our customers. 

Quick Turnaround Time

At Tserv, we value our customers’ time and money as we do theirs. With the best trained Toyota technicians, we try to offer periodic maintenance services in the quickest time possible with assured quality and value for money. When we say express service, we never start our service without a detailed diagnostic report. We first scrutinize, analyze, and then only start with the periodic maintenance. 

Our Periodic Maintenance Service, which we recommend at 10,000 KMS Include

Now that you know all about our periodic maintenance, it is time to just let your car survive, but also let it sustain. 

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