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Restoration of The Body and Interior of The Car

All body parts are subjected to cleaning and restoration, from windows and wheels to chrome-plated body elements. When working, various cleaning and degreasing agents are used, including synthetic clay, which easily dissolves dirt adhering to the painted surface and glass. In order to restore shine to the painted parts of the car, car polishes and brushes are used. The wet surface is dried with towels. The renewal of the polishing coating is a very difficult procedure.

In order to remove minor scratches and roughness from the body, you need to very carefully remove the upper part of the coating. Usually, this operation is performed automatically. This removes scratches and other roughness. Then, wax-like substances are applied to the cleaned surface, which, upon contact with the body, form a protective surface. Inside the car, every detail and all upholstery material are thoroughly cleaned.

For many years, various types of finishing materials have been used to decorate the interior of the services, such as synthetic flooring, leather upholstery, plastic, and many others. Cleaning is carried out in various ways, using modern cleaning products. First, cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner, then wet cleaning with steam is possible; and finally, the most stubborn dirt is cleaned with brushes. The lacquered parts of the interior are carefully polished. Car detailing in Bangalore is carried out at a high level. In addition to car body and interior care, car engine care service is also provided.

This includes:

  • Cleaning of engine units with special gels.
  • Coating with dielectric means.
  • Removal of moisture by air purge.
  • Application of preservatives.
  • After such maintenance, the engine acquires a well-groomed appearance, and looks like new.
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The Tserv car Service is in great demand in Bangalore. The shop provides services for all types of repairs, as well as auto detailing. There is a system of discounts. Discounts up to 5% for regular customers. On the territory of the car service there is a store where discounts are also provided. According to the reviews of car owners, this is the best car service in Bangalore.

Auto detailing originated in India and quickly spread throughout the world. Initially, this method was used to organize exhibition events, but gradually turned into a branch of the auto industry.

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