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slippery or spongy clutch? Plan a clutch repair immediately.

After turning the key (or pressing the button) and stepping off the curb, you noticed a smell of rotten eggs coming from the window. And now none of your gears are turning… Your clutch is about to fail, as you probably already surmised. Undoubtedly, a manual transmission can be operated without one, but should you? Our specialists advise against it if at all possible. Schedule a clutch replacement as soon as possible with a Tserv clutch expert in your area to prevent your gearbox from shaking, whining, and grinding as it shifts between gears.

With a functional car clutch, travel.

While you may have described the fundamentals of a classic clutch shudder during our initial conversation, our brake and clutch professionals still advise booking a time before coming in since they are aware that one size rarely fits all when it comes to diagnosing manual transmission problems.

Why is a phone call necessary first? Before scheduling a face-to-face diagnosis with a professional who can competently analyse your car in detail, this initial point of contact will help us determine what might be wrong. You could feel frustrated if you tried to wheel in when our gearbox specialist was out for the day. Please punch in our digits first since we value your time.

Your clutch may be sliding. Tserv can help it regain its balance.

The gearbox servicing involves more than just the clutch fluid.

Consider how frequently you change lanes, stop at lights, and shift gears in response to sudden conditions. Your manual transmission is put under a lot of stress as soon as the ignition is turned on, transforming energy into acceleration and torque. Around 30,000 kilometres, depending on your lifestyle, the good ol’ gearbox starts to lose efficiency, the clutch fluid turns into metallic sludge, and the heat under the hood increases without the help of healthy manual transmission fluid.

With routine manual gearbox maintenance, you can prevent a faulty gearbox from ruining your weekend plans. Whether you require clutch services or a manual transmission checkup, our neighbourhood clutch and mechanical professionals can help.

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While we are aware that no two cars are the same, each driver has a unique driving style.
  • Drain and examine the gearbox fluid, looking for sludge.
  • Replace your gearbox oil with the proper kind for your gearbox; not all commercially available fluids are suitable for manual transmissions.
  • Replacement of the clutch fluid and cleansing are necessary to maintain the functionality of your hydraulic components.
  • Examine the seals for damage and wear.
  • Final checks to make sure everything is prepared

Simple compensation for gears that slip

Tserv believes that everyone should have access to secure and trustworthy clutch repairs, so after we’ve conducted an in-store diagnosis, we’ll walk you through our pricing procedure. It’s acceptable if you’re having problems coming up with the cash up front; manual transmissions can be pricey to repair or replace. 

When is it necessary to fix a manual transmission?

We recognise that you probably aren’t a car nut. Our mechanics are here to help if you’re unsure of why your car won’t shift gears because we talk and walk the walk so you don’t have to. A problematic clutch frequently has the following problems:

  • My vehicle is dripping fluid
  • ‘Check Engine’ is illuminated.
  • When I shift into the next gear, my car jerks.
  • My vehicle appears to hesitate or refuse to shift into the next gear.
  • Strange noises can be heard.
  • Even in neutral, my car is noisy.
  • Slippage in the clutch
  • The clutch is difficult or stuck
  • There is an odour of burning.
  • My automobile trembles.
  • When it’s cold outside, changing gear in a car is challenging.
  • The car won’t move forward.
  • The automobile only has one gear available.
  • No gear will be chosen by the vehicle.
  • When I let go of the clutch, the vehicle stays in place.
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1How is a clutch operated?

The clutch prevents the engine from stalling, to put it simply. The clutch enables the transmission to become disengaged from the engine through the regulation of friction when the wheels need to stop but the engine has to continue spinning. Assume that the engine is rotating constantly.

2What do clutch parts entail?

Cover, clutch plate, flywheel, pressure plate, diaphragm spring, and thrust bearing make up a clutch. There are numerous intricate elements packed into a condensed amount of space inside an automatic transmission. To move transmission fluid, there are various components including a planetary gear set, locking bands, clutches, a hydraulic system, and an oil pump.

3How are clutch and transmission issues fixed?

All Tserv locations have cutting-edge engine management scanning tools that can inspect your vehicle's transmission systems and spot problems. Codes are generated by the system for transmission, airbags, ABS, and other systems. Even simple operations, like resetting service lights, conducting a wheel alignment, or rotating the wheels, now require more advanced equipment as cars become more technologically advanced. Our industry-leading India-wide warranty is offered as support for all work.

4How can I locate a clutch repair shop or transmission repair facility nearby?

You may find a Tserv store nearby for transmission services or clutch repairs thanks to the more than 260 locations across India. big cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast, Canberra, and Melbourne all have stores there.

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