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  • We have affordable prices for car body repair and painting.
  • We carry out repairs of any complexity.
  • We take on all brands of cars.

We use professional equipment that has already proven its effectiveness

We transfer cars to the hands of professionals who have earned a good reputation and are considered experts of body repair in the Bangalore, at least

And, most importantly, we guarantee high quality!

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Car Service Center
Car Service Center

Car Paint Restoration

In the final and main stage of the repair, the paintwork is applied. Tserv car service uses only modern technologies that allow you to perfectly match the color and bring the painting to a uniform state. Our specialists undertake both the complete processing of the car, and the partial correction and restoration of the paintwork. We boldly guarantee the return of the car to its original appearance and high-quality painting of the car in Bangalore at an adequate price.

If over time your car has lost its presentation, or you got into an accident, and the car needs repair, contact our car service. We will carry out a full diagnosis, make repairs, and return in the best possible way. Call or request a call back!


Painting in any Color

To make the car look spectacular, it must be painted, and in some interesting color. With partial painting, it is important to choose a shade that will match the main color of the car. And we can do it without the slightest problem. At Tserv, you have an extensive catalog of colors available, each of which we can carefully apply to the car.

Favourable Prices

If full painting of the car is required infrequently, then you have to tint the car after small accidents and other problems regularly. Therefore, it is important to find

Specialists who are ready to do it efficiently, but at a reasonable price. You will always find such specialists by contacting the Tserv car service.

Works of any Scale

You can contact the Tserv car service regardless of what kind of painting your car needs. We equally responsibly approach the work of repainting the entire car, and local painting of individual parts of the body. It does not matter what you need to paint and what color – we are ready to do this work, and we will do it really well!

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