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All vehicles, whether new or used, require routine maintenance to keep them in driving condition. When we say we care about cars and the people who drive them, we really do at Tserv. We’re a team of auto mechanics with a love for reliable workmanship, and we provide a variety of customizable service packages to fit your needs. Visit Tserv today to speak with your neighbourhood mechanic about any leaks, bangs, clanks, or bumps on your mind.

Meet your Tserv neighbourhood mechanic, who is dependable, experienced, and prepared to give your automobile the care it needs.

Why not just call right away? We can complete the service as quickly and effectively as possible if we have a clear understanding of what we’re working with in advance; if there are any unique issues, such as electrical faults, we’ll make sure we have the appropriate mechanic on hand to handle the issue.

Car Service Center
Car Service Center

What details are required? Try to have the following items on hand when you call in order to help the booking process go as smoothly as possible:

  • Number of registration
  • Your vehicle’s model and make
  • Contact information, preferably including a mobile number and email address

Do not postpone speaking with your car mechanic face-to-face.

By ensuring that normal wear and tear is addressed before any significant damage is done, maintaining your car with a regular service schedule can help you avoid some severe headaches. Your technician can also investigate any anomalies or performance issues you may be experiencing with your vehicle and, if caught early enough, prevent more major and expensive repairs.

Our essential servicing packages at Tserv include a 20-point check because we take automobiles seriously. Even though we strive to conduct a thorough examination, it is possible for some defects to go undetected in the shop. As a result, always inform your mechanic if you become aware of difficulties like:

Car Service Center

Concerned about the price of auto repairs?

The hip pocket may feel some tension from maintaining a car. Tserv provides various payment options, so you can cover your invoice up front and pay it off over time without fuss. We do this to make it as simple as possible for you to stay on top of servicing and repairs.

Make an appointment for an inspection and service to keep your vehicle in great shape today.

Using Tserv, find the closest car repair shop.

Finding a suitable location close to you for all your service and repair needs is simple thanks to the more than 50+ Tserv service locations spread all across India.

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