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Features and Benefits of a Professional Engine Wash

Many people in India are afraid to wash their engines for fear of damaging the ignition coils, sensors, and spark plugs. In fact, this opinion is erroneous—Tserv car service specialists use modern equipment in their work, which removes all contaminants using steam (under pressure). Consequently, the motor is practically never exposed to moisture, and the risk of damaging the electronics is completely eliminated.

At the end of the work, experts also recommend that the engine be treated with special preservatives. Such compounds are designed to protect the unit from corrosion, make rubber joints more elastic and avoid cracking. At the same time, the effect of the use of preservatives persists throughout the year.

As For The Benefits That Tserv Car Service Customers Can Count On, This List Includes:

  • Operational service.
  • Performance of all work at a professional level.
  • Affordable prices.
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Sign up for an engine wash via mobile app in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai right now.  Such a service as an engine wash in Bangalore is gaining more and more popularity every day. And the reason for this is the desire of car owners to provide their “iron friend” with proper care, avoid possible breakdowns, and extend its service life. If we talk about the specific advantages of this procedure, it is worth highlighting the following points:
  • Normalization of engine cooling (dirt and old oil that stick together make it hard to get rid of heat, which can cause the unit to overheat).
  • Minimizing the risk of a short circuit.
Simplification of fault diagnosis (on a clean engine, oil drips and soot are better visible). In addition, with a treated engine, it will be easier to pass inspection and sell the car to another person—a clean engine compartment indicates the absence of breakdowns and all kinds of damage.

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