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Tserv car service offers its customers a wide range of services, including car body polishing in Bangalore. We cooperate with the best specialists in this field who have undergone long-term training, and therefore we can guarantee:

  • Compliance with technological standards and requirements (including temperature and humidity levels).
  • The use of only professional products and formulations obtained from trusted suppliers.
  • High quality polishing and removal of a precisely adjusted layer (during the work we do not damage the paintwork, thereby maintaining its strength and durability).
  • The use of polishing machines, which allow not only to hide imperfections, but to completely get rid of them (scuffs and scratches).

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Moreover, our car service takes care of each of its clients and offers affordable prices for car body polishing in Bangalore. Want to see for yourself? Make an online appointment and get a discount.

It’s no secret that the surface of the car body is constantly exposed to negative external influences. So, the paintwork fades under the scorching sun, oxidizes under the action of acids and alkalis, suffers from bird droppings and lime buds, becomes covered with microcracks, etc. And only car body polishing in Bangalore can cope with this.

This procedure allows you to remove the top “dirty” layer, return the surface to a rich color and even get rid of small scratches. This is achieved through special polishing machines with different nozzles, as well as abrasive compounds. You can make an appointment for car polishing by Apps.

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