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At the heart of the functional purpose of any alarm is the prevention of theft or damage to the car by intruders. Some devices have additional features. The main characteristic of alarms is reliability, which is necessarily confirmed by quality certificates when buying a car.

The security system, like any electronics, even the highest quality, can fail. Such cases entail sad consequences, the car owner can no longer be sure of the absolute safety of his car.

It is easier and cheaper to repair a security device than to buy new equipment. If you need car alarm repair in Bangalore, contact the services of the Tserv service center. The team employs high-class auto electricians who are able to solve a problem of any complexity in a short time.

Car Service Center
Car Service Center

The Main Problems of Car Security Systems

Most Often, Customers Turn to Our Car Service With The Following Breakdowns:

  • The car alarm does not respond to the key fob.
  • The signal is heard from the presence of any objects near the machine, even if they do not pose a threat.
  • The engine does not start due to a hardware failure.
  • The machine doors cannot be closed when the alarm is on.
  • The alarm is “silent” even with a specially created potential threat.

We also restore accidentally knocked down settings, automatic unpredictable shutdown of the system without the participation of the owner and other breakdowns. If necessary, we will arrange a trip to the place at the specified address. The specialist will diagnose, identify possible problems and restore the security device.

Price Policy

The price for alarm repair directly depends on the complexity of the system and the cause of the breakdown. In any case, by contacting our center you will benefit, as we provide car maintenance 20 to 40 percent cheaper than dealers. By pre-registering by phone, you will be pleasantly surprised by a gift from a car service – a 5% discount.

Our Tserv Car services includes innovative equipment and our own warehouse of spare parts. The waiting period until the settings are restored, parts are replaced or a new system is installed depends only on the complexity of the task, since there is no need to order the necessary parts.

All customers are satisfied with the work of our service experts, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews. Contact Tserv – our specialists will be happy to help you!

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