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Is the air conditioning in your car sweltering for the wrong reasons?

At Tserv, we take pleasure in being a one-stop shop for automotive air conditioning repairs, taking care of the necessary work without making excuses or draining your bank account too much. 

A few things prevent us from getting you back on the road, whether it’s for a simple vehicle air conditioning service, intricate system repairs, or a car air conditioning. Our customers leave in their cars feeling calmer, more secure, and cooler. 

On a hot day, enjoy the feeling of the cool air. 

A specialist is needed for car air conditioning service and repairs, and your local store will use their network of professionals to assign the best individual for the job. Because not all Tserv locations offer this service, call ahead and talk to your nearby technician before visiting the shop. 

Car Service Center
Car Service Center
Are problems with your car’s air conditioning making you uncomfortable? Let Tserv handle it. 
  • We are sincere.
  • We have expertise.
  • Regarding costs, we are upfront.
  • We offer a workmanship guarantee.
  • We stand by your side.

How can I locate a nearby repair or regas shop for my car's air conditioning?

You may find a Tserv store nearby for air conditioning repairs in more than 50+ locations across India. It has locations in significant cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Noida etc. 

How can I tell if my air conditioner needs to be fixed?

It can be challenging to know what to say to an expert on cars if you only consider them as a means of transportation. Consider all the possibilities before you turn to Google to find out if your car’s air conditioning is broken. Our auto experts will be able to follow your line of thought as they listen and, if necessary, ask questions before making diagnostic suggestions. 

Do you need some assistance in describing the issue with your car? To get your mind working, look over our list of signs and diagnostic conversation starters. 

The air conditioner in my automobile doesn’t seem to be as cool as it once was. 

  • Despite the dial being set to cool, hot air is still blowing out.
  • The vents are emitting a strange odour.
  • When I turn it off, a sound appears, but then goes away.
  • A hissing noise can be heard coming from the exhaust.
  • Even with the fan set to high, there is little airflow.

If you are unsure, call your local store and speak to one of our knowledgeable Tserv experts, who are always available to listen to your issues.

Car Service Center
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