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Auto electrical repair is considered the most difficult element. This is not surprising, given how fast and wide the pace of science is, and the development of the internal component of machines is rapidly taking place. It has a complex structure, and sometimes minor problems can completely block movement. However, car electrical repairs do not frighten our Service expert. A wealth of experience and dedication to their work makes our auto electricians invaluable specialists who can understand any tangle of wires inside your iron horse.

Signs of an Auto Electrical Problem

  • A malfunction may indicate.
  • Difficulty starting the engine.
  • Battery problems.
  • Malfunction of the windshield wipers, power windows, etc .
  • Problems with devices that are responsible for lighting.

We have been providing this service in Bangalore for many years, and during this time we have built up a loyal customer base. Try and contact us and check the quality of our services for yourself!

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Technical Inspection

Inspection – an event that is a check of the technical condition of the main units of the vehicle: brake, exhaust, steering and other systems. This measure reduces the risk of an emergency on the road due to a malfunction of the car. It should be remembered that the passage of this procedure for a taxi may be slightly different. Therefore, it is important to ask in advance what documents will be required for this and at what interval the technical inspection is carried out.


Repair of auto electrics of a car begins with an inspection on special equipment, which allows you to quickly and accurately identify the cause of the malfunction and carry out high-quality repairs in the future. The services of the Tserv auto technical center guarantee the competence of employees and the ability to handle all brands of cars, whether you have a domestic or foreign car.

Installation of Electronic Equipment

In addition to repairs, we also install additional electronic equipment. Do you want to stuff your car with additional electronic conveniences? Contact us! We are excellent at this!

Our car service has a wide range of necessary parts and blocks that meet all the requirements and quality standards. Prices for car electrician repairs in a car service correspond to the average market prices, and the quality of service is in no way inferior. Give us a call to book an appointment for diagnostics and repairs!

Repair of Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment in modern cars plays a big role: the generator transforms the mechanical energy of the motor into electrical energy, the battery – chemical into electrical energy, the starter helps to start the engine. In addition, it includes ignition, control, lighting systems and much more. The main cause of malfunctions in auto electrics is considered to be the loss of contacts, which entails their oxidation and overheating, burning of wires and destruction of fuses. Defects in some parts of electrical equipment can lead to the impossibility of operating a car, but Castrol car service employees have the opportunity to quickly correct this situation.

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