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How Long Can a Car Tyre Last?

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Tyres are probably the most overlooked parts of the car, but when it comes to safety, they hold the power to stop your vehicle at the right moment. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to its maintenance just like you would to any other component of your car.

Why you should maintain your car tyres 

  1. Safety 

The most common reason is, of course, safety. Even if your car claims to be designed for safety, it can still crash if the tyres are not well maintained. 

  1.  Driving Experience

Car tyres can completely change your driving experience. Good tyres ensure a comfortable, smooth and secure ride. 

  1. Fuel efficiency 

As fuel prices are drastically rising, people are increasingly looking for fuel-efficient cars. But did you know that the condition of your tyres can also affect fuel consumption?

Good tyres can improve your car mileage, and in the long run, can save a lot of money on fuel. 

Car tyre basics to keep in mind 

  1. 5-year rule 

Although there is no definite time to when you should get your tyres changed, 5 years is considered a good period to check its condition and replace it if need be. A study conducted in 2019 by JD Power found that customers replaced the original tyres at the 26,000 km mark, lower than expected, owing to the road conditions in India. 

  1. 10-year rule

If you haven’t changed your tyres in 10 years, it’s high time to do so. Even if they appear usable, old tyres are dangerous and should be replaced within this period.

  1. Inspect it frequently 

You can increase the life of your car tyres by inspecting them frequently. We recommend checking the tyre pressure once a month. Also, check for any other damage caused by any sharp objects. 

  1. Do not exceed the tyre load index

Tyre load index is the maximum weight that each tyre can handle at the maximum speed. An overload can disturb its alignment and can also build up excessive heat, causing sudden tyre damage. 

  1. Drive as per road conditions

Poor road conditions like potholes, obstacles, dirt roads can damage your car tyres. Hence, you should be careful while driving on damaged roads. 

Signs of a damaged tyre 

  1. Worn out tread

It is normal for tyre treads to become shallower with tyre usage. Hence, you should frequently check the tread depth. Tyres with a low tread cannot grip the road properly, causing the driver to lose control over the vehicle. 

  1. Sidewall is damaged 

A damaged sidewall can cause a tyre blowout. Therefore, if you see any visible damage like a tear, cut, bulge or bubbles, you should change the sidewall immediately. 

As we have mentioned before, even the best of cars would fail to secure you if the tyre maintenance is compromised. The best way to maintain your tyres is to: inspect them regularly, follow the basic tyre rules and seek professional help when needed. 

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