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10 Things you should have in your car

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Every machine needs care just like another family member for prolonged and optimal usage. Even though owning a car is pretty much normalized in our country, words of wisdom on its maintenance still lie untold. There are certain essentials for cars that should be maintained no matter the way you use and reason for buying the car. Notably, no one can deny these things owing to the safety of oneself and fellow drivers on the road. 

  1. Tool box: A bunch of equipment to restore flat tyre or similar situation would help you a lot in terms of emergencies. These would not just include jack, lug wrench, pressure gauge or reflective traingle but also a fully functional spare tyre. 
  2. Paperwork: Adherence to the rules of the region is crucial for the owner and fellow citizens. Especially it makes sense in cases of emergencie like that of repair or temporary damages. Hence due and timely documentation is required. Paperwork would include updated licenses, registration, latest insurance papers, identity proofs, pollution checks if required and tax related tags or information. This will help during any routine checks by the authorities and in case if mishaps. 
  3. Car repair sheet: Usually the car dealers provide a detailed sheet containing complete repair information. This will help to easily check the exact cause and changing of oil or other fluids. 
  4. First Aid: A box of first aid will always help you, not just in case of car accidents but while you hurt yourself. This basic box would essentially contain bandaid, cotton, a cream and anything to do with minor injuries. 
  5. Battery related supplies: There can be a possibility that your doors arent closed completely and for some reason the battery is drained out. The jumper wires would help you in case of such mishaps.
  6. Other essentials: A few accessories help you generally like grocery bags, a torch, water bottles-drinking and non-drinking both, a box of tissues or cleaning cloth, old newspapers, umbrella, a box of healthy eatery etc. This stuff helps you in day to day dealings with life’s uncertainties and unpredictable weather conditions.  
  7. Age-specific stuff: You might have to carry old aged people or kids. Ensure to carry stuff that suits their condition.. For example, they may need different seating arrangement or with continuous travel, they might want to have more leg space or alike. Anticipate the required and keep extra towels, a spare plastic bin bag, foldable chair or a pair of mats ready. 
  8. Weather specific supplies: For people living in colder regions, necessary arrangements of that of removing the ice on windshield and a blanket is important. For people living in area of rainfall, raincoat is important too. While a car cover would be helpful in terms of dusty or extra hotregions too. Know the region’s weather you will be travelling and keep the necessary things. 
  9. Extra pair of living essentials: Assuming the mishap of staying in your car overnight due to any unforeseen reasons, you might need basic stuff like a pair of clothes, comfortable yet footwear, socks, trash can and alike. 
  10. Hammer: This is a life saver tool in case of challenging situations. You can always break the glass and move out if you have locked yourself by mistake or the door jams or anything of that sort happens. 

These suggestions might look like making your car a mini house-on-wheels kind of setup but life can surprise you The only thing is to be aware and prepared to the most possible extent. Maintenance of machines will only keep you updated and safe. 

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